Areas of Experitise

I am available to speak to your organization about a variety of mental health topics:

QPR Gatekeeper Training:

I am a certified QPR Gatekeeper trainer. QPR stands for Question Persuade Refer and provides information on what to do if you are concerned that someone you know may be having thoughts of suicide. In this training the audience will be given information on the following:

  • The prevalence of Suicide
  • Common misconceptions and myths about suicide will be dispelled
  • Warning signs that someone might be having thoughts of suicide
  • How to engage someone you are worried about in a way that is most likely going to have a positive outcome
  • Area resources you can refer a person to if it turns out they could benefit from mental health support

Having worked in higher education for over 10 years, I am especially proficient in speaking to the problem of suicide in our youth and college age communities. QPR is a great training for any system that serves groups of young people. Our young people deal with a lot of stress and often their organization of choice is where they will feel safe to share what they are feeling. It is imperative that leadership within these organizations knows how to engage the student in an effective manner. This will lead to the best possible outcome for the young person while minimizing the stress of the process on the leader. Examples of groups that could benefit from QPR training include youth organization leaders (Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, after school program organizers), teachers, fraternity and sorority organizations, and youth sports league leaders.

Stress Management Series

Stress is often one of the top listed reasons why people choose to go to counseling. However, if you truly understand how stress works, you can get it under control before it begins to negatively impact your experience. I have a series of presentations on understanding stress and healthy ways to cope with it to help you or your organization take control of the stress in life.

Some of the presentations include:

  • Manage Stress Before it Manages You: This presentation can be thought of as “stress 101.” Learn about what stress is, how it affects a person, the long term impact of chronic stress, and healthy ways to manage stress.
  • Managing Relationship Stress: Learn about common dating relationship stressors, how to focus on things that are under your control, and how work with your partner to reduce relationship stress, and how to move on if it seems that the relationship does not need to continue.

College Preparation Presentations

Is My Child Ready For College? When people think about preparing for college, they often think about the grades, extra curriculars, and resumes needed for an effective college application. Often parents, and especially students, don’t think about the emotional preparadness necessary to effectively navigate college. This presentation will speak to the “living” and “adulting” skills that your child needs to do well in college and what to do if your child is not quite there in any one of these areas.



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