Lawrenceville Couples Counseling | Best Counseling Service in Lawrenceville

What would make the relationship with your partner more fulfilling? Are you tired and frustrated with the same old arguments leaving you feeling hopeless and alone? Do you long for more closeness and connection but wonder if it’s even possible?

Banner right2Lawrenceville Couples Counseling through Emotionally Focused Therapy can help you create the relationship you long for. It has a proven track record with better than 75 per cent of couples counseled in Emotionally Focused Therapy experiencing recovery from marital distress and feeling happy in their relationship in eight to 20 sessions.

In my couple’s work, I focus on preventative skills building to help couples learn healthy relationship patterns that can help prevent larger difficulties from developing in their relationship. This can be a part of premarital counseling or for couples who are established but noticing relationship patterns that are not working for them. All couples work is currently only offered in person.

Marriage and Couples Counseling in Lawrenceville can help with:

  • Trust issues or physical/emotional affairs
  • Repetitive arguments or lack of communication
  • Problems with sexual intimacy
  • Feelings of emptiness or disconnection
  • Questions about “should we stay together.”
  • Premarital: setting the stage for happiness



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