Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you and I will meet one on one to talk through the concerns impacting you. There are several options for these one on one meetings. We can meet in person in my office, conduct our sessions via Video conferencing online, hold the session over the phone, or we can do a “Walk and Talk” session. Individual counseling meetings usually start out as once a week and then can be spaced out as you begin to get to a better place. Some people choose to initially meet more frequently or to schedule additional appointments along the way if something is going on to escalate their stress level.

In Person Sessions:

Traditional in person sessions - we will meet one on one in my office.  This is the typical "counseling session" most people think of.   

Walk Talk Sessions:

This type of session is a great combination of therapy and the therapeutic outdoors. Weather permitting, these sessions are held in either Jones Bridge Park or McDaniel Farm Park. Before engaging in this type of meeting, you and I will first assess whether this format will work for your unique circumstances.

Distance Counseling Sessions:

Distance counseling is a great option to overcome a variety of barriers to counseling. Some people have very tight work or family schedules that make it prohibitive to travel somewhere to meet with a therapist face to face. For some there are health concerns that might interfere with their ability to consistently travel to meet with a therapist. Some individuals are traveling internationally in a country where distance counseling from the U.S. is an optional alternative to seeking out services where they are. It can be difficult to find local counseling if accessible services are limited or there are language and cultural factors that impede getting the care you need. Some individuals live international nomadic lives that make it hard to get on going counseling with the same clinician. In all these circumstances, I can potentially offer a consistent working relationship as long as you are in a state or country that allows me to work with you from my home state.

Before beginning distance counseling, you and I will first do a consultation appointment to assess if these formats are a good fit for the concerns impacting you, and to ensure your location will allow me to work with you from where I am. Please be aware that U.S.licensure laws do not allow me to work on an ongoing basis with clients who are in U.S. states I am not licensed in (Currently I am licensed in Georgia). Therefore, if you move to another state in the U.S. during our work together, whether we are doing in person or distance therapy, I am required to terminate our work together. I am happy to help you find a local clinician who you can continue with.

Here are the options for distance counseling:

Video conferencing sessions using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing program .

Telephone counseling sessions with my using a HIPAA compliant phone system



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