About Dr. Endale

Dr. Endale in Therapy:

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In my counseling work I start with a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral and multicultural framework. I strive to help clients feel heard and empowered to find the right path that works for them specifically.  As your therapist, I will be by your side on this journey to self-discovery.  I will ask questions to help you see things in a new light.  I will help you carefully navigate complex decisions.  I will encourage you and stand by you as you face painful moments.  Finally, I will help you identify measured and sustainable steps to help you walk away from where you are now and into a better experience.

I especially appreciate working with individuals facing stress associated with how their intersecting identities come together to inform their day to day life.  Things like immigration status, gender and sexual identity, racial identity, ethnic identity, age, SES, being in a cross cultural family, our faith walk, and many other visible and invisible aspects of who we are that influence how we see the world and how the world sees us.  Sometimes these intersecting identities can result in experiences that come with stress, confusion, anxiety, trauma, and more.  I can help you explore these situations to understand what is happening to make them difficult and how to navigate them in a way that feels healthy for you.



TEL: 404-369-3136